Children’s Counsel is a lawyer who represents one or more of the children in a family law or child welfare matter. Often, children and youth most impacted by the decisions made in family law matters while simultaneously having the least “say” in the process. Depending on the unique circumstances of the child /youth client (age, maturity, stage of ongoing litigation, etc.) Children’s Counsel will determine the best approach to take while advocating for their young client’s interests. In some cases, Children’s Counsel will be in a position to inform the Court of their client’s views and specific instructions.

As Children’s Counsel we work for our child /youth client to help the Court make decisions that are in their best interest. We have years of experience representing children as young as toddlers and youth as old as 17 years old.

Whether you are a youth wanting your voice to be heard in a custody dispute or a concerned parent or relative of a youth who you think should have their voice heard in an ongoing family law or child welfare matter, the lawyers at Matkovic Allan LLP are here to help.