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Matkovic Allan LLP

We Were Thinking Outside the Box Before There Was A Box

It may not be “business as usual” but Matkovic Allan LLP is up and running… COVID-19 Notice

We bring practical solutions to your family law needs.

Our Family Lawyers strive to find innovative and real life solutions to our client’s family law issues. We recognize that there is more than one answer to many of the questions that may arise when your relationship breaks down. Our lawyers are here to work with you.

We counsel with conscience.

We believe it is our primary duty to ensure that your family law needs are addressed in a timely and cost effective manner. During this emotionally charged time you need a firm that will give you real solutions to real problems. We counsel with conscience. We work with the client, in their best interests, taking into consideration all legal, ethical and moral implications with respect to any decision.

A good family lawyer will tell a client what they may not want to hear

The issues that arise in a relationship breakdown can be some of the most stressful matters a person deals with in their lives. It is important to have a family lawyer that not only knows the law, but is able to listen with empathy to the client’s needs. A good family lawyer will tell a client what they may not want to hear, and should not give the client false expectations as to outcomes that may be unrealistic. The role of a good family lawyer is to guide their client through the legal quagmire of issues, to provide a good ear to really ‘hear’ what it is that the client is saying, and to assist the client in arriving at a resolution that is not only fair, but one that will allow all parties to move forward with their lives.

Where We Came From

In 2009, after having worked in an established family law firm in downtown Calgary, Matia and Carolyn decided to open their own “Family Law Boutique” firm focusing on providing their clients with practical advice and solid representation. They found the perfect ‘character’ building in the thriving inner-city neighbourhood of Bridgeland and opened their firm, Matkovic Allan LLP, with just two lawyers and two assistants.

By 2015, Matia and Carolyn’s firm had grown to six lawyers and six staff. The original character building was too small to house this growing firm and the amazing staff and lawyers that had joined in the six years that had passed so quickly. In August 2015, Matkovic Allan LLP moved to a much larger space. Wanting to retain the charm of our first space and to welcome our clients into a comfortable and inviting environment, we relocated to a ‘character’ building in Calgary’s revitalized Beltline District at the Kipling Square Annex.

Both Matia and Carolyn are very proud of what Matkovic Allan LLP has become. Offering a full range of Family Law Services and a team of knowledgeable and experienced family lawyers whose focus remains providing the best and most practical advice to our clients to help them through their family law matters. Our firm will continue to grow and it will continue to change but our core values of integrity, compassion and reliability will remain the same.