Child Welfare matters are often complex litigation matters and it is not uncommon for parents, guardians or foster parents to feel overwhelmed and as though they are not being heard. The Child Welfare authorities are governed by statute, this means that they are restricted by the parameters of legislation (law) and this significantly impacts how matters unfold.

At Matkovic Allan LLP we represent parents, extended family members, guardians and foster parents in Child Welfare matters. We will help you navigate every stage of the process and work with you to find solutions in your children’s best interest while making sure your voice is heard and that you are fully engaged in the proceedings. We are experienced negotiators and litigators with experience in developing Family Enhancement Agreements, putting in place Supervision Orders, and working with families facing Temporary and Permanent Guardianship Orders both pre-Trial and throughout Trial if necessary.

If your family is involved with the Child Welfare authorities, contact us today for assistance with your matter.