The Matkovic Allan LLP Difference

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The breakdown of a relationship is one of the most difficult and stressful events that a person may experience during their lifetime. Often, there are more questions than answers and it is easy to feel overwhelmed as to what to do next. When you finally decide that it is time to speak to a lawyer, it is important that you that are provided with the information and guidance that you need to make informed decisions that will assist you and those closest to you in moving forward.

At Matkovic Allan LLP you will be treated with the respect that you deserve. We will give you the information that you need to be able to make objective decisions about your future.

If there are children involved, our focus will begin with what is in their best interests. Children are the ones who suffer the most when their parents separate, and should be the first priority in any settlement discussions.

Resolving property and support issues in a manner that makes you feel as though your needs have been addressed is also a paramount concern for the lawyers at Matkovic Allan LLP. In today’s difficult economic reality, it can be challenging to divide financial assets and resources in a manner that preserves what you have worked hard to attain during your relationship. We at Matkovic Allan LLP have the experience and knowledge to accept that challenge and work with you towards achieving your financial goals.

We also recognize that sometimes the most important thing that your lawyer can do for you when you are going through this difficult time is not tell you want you want to hear but rather give you a straight answer, to make sure you have the right information and explain how the legal system will factor into your family law issue.

At Matkovic Allan LLP, we use a variety of dispute resolution methods to guide our clients towards a fair a reasonable conclusion to their matrimonial or common law legal disputes.  These include meetings with both clients and lawyers (commonly referred to as four way meetings), mediation, arbitration, Judicial Dispute Resolution (or JDR), and litigation when necessary.  Our lawyers have extensive experience, and successes, at all levels of Court.

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