Chambers Arbitration at Matkovic Allan LLP “CA@MA”

Matkovic Allan LLP is pleased to announce that it offers an expedited arbitration process, “CA@MA”, as an option to traditional Chambers Applications.

As our courts are struggling to deal with the backlog that has been created by the current pandemic, clients are experiencing what may at times be significant delays in having urgent matters including but not limited to parenting, support and the preservation of property determined.

As an alternative to commencing an application with our courts, if both parties agree, Matkovic Allan LLP has developed a process to allow parties to make a similar type of application within the context of an issue specific private arbitration hearing which is being offered for a reasonable flat rate. At present we are primarily hearing these applications using the Zoom Video conferencing platform but in person hearings may also be accommodated upon request. Anyone attending our office for an in person hearing will be required to adhere to the guidelines established by the Chief Medical Officer of Alberta. We are further able to accommodate requests for Zoom Video Conferencing Hearings outside of regular business hours and on weekends as we understand that many clients may not be able to take time away from work or arrange for childcare during traditional office hours.

If you are interested in discussing the option of CA@MA, please contact Matia Matkovic, Carolyn Allan or Elise Lavigne with any questions you may have:

Matia L. Matkovic

Direct Line: 587.392.5695

Carolyn M. Allan

Direct Line: 587.3925692

Elise J. Lavigne

Direct Line: 587.392.5682